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Greener Grass (9/10) – Award This! Indie Comedy Nominee

From Award This! nominated directresses Dawn Luebbe and Jocelyn DeBoer is a comedy that’s hard to describe. This quirky, odd, and insane story, must be seen to believe. The plot of a suburban couple, who’s son turns into a dog is just one minor subplot in a story that spins out of control. After about 30-minutes of silliness, your will to make sense of it will give up, and you’re going to laugh and laugh hard. It stars the directresses Dawn Luebbe, Jocelyn DeBoer, and includes SNL’s Beck Bennett and Dot-Marie Jones.

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary (9/10)

Stand-up comedian and magician, The Amazing Johnathan, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a brutal heart disease that forced him to retire in 2014. Given only a few years to live, a team of documentarians wanted to tell his life story before he passed. Unfortunately, Johnathan didn’t pass. Worse, he permitted several documentarian teams to tell his story, and they begin clashing with one another in this very true story. Anthony Ray Bench calls it “a ton of fun. It’s an engaging documentary with two charming subjects.”

This One’s For The Ladies (9/10)

This One’s For The Ladies takes us on tour through the world of underground male dancing shows. These shows are predominantly populated—both audiences and performers—by the African American community. It’s more than muscular men simulating sex acts as many chose this lucrative profession to avoid turning to crime on the streets. Lorry Kikta says, “it goes beyond the superficial and talks about the socio-economic situations that most black people in America face.”


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