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5 Best Documentaries About Betting 

By Film Threat Staff | January 18, 2024

Do you want to take a break from the tension and pressure of betting, but don’t want to be completely detached so you don’t lose your skill? Or you just want to get a glimpse into how your favorite pastime came to be, and how pros faced the risks involved with gambling head on? If your answer is yes, then immersing yourself in documentaries about betting is the way to go. 

Betting documentaries are films or video productions that explore the story, culture and impact of gambling on individuals and society. In this article, we’ve put together the five best documentaries about betting you can begin to explore.

Why should you watch documentaries about betting?

In case the introduction has not been very convincing on why you need to get on this ride, let’s look in detail at what you stand to gain from watching documentaries about betting:

  • Sports Betting documentaries are exactly what your betting game needs. This is because they offer information on various forms of betting and the successful strategies pros employed. You also get knowledge on how to calculate odds on sportsbooks like 1xbet.
  • By seeing the two sides of gambling, documentaries provide a balanced perspective on the risks and consequences associated with wagering.
  • Documentaries promise an entertaining experience with their compelling stories and visually interesting narratives.
  • Sports betting documentaries provide a comprehensive look into the inner workings of the industry.

5 best documentaries about betting 

Now getting to the sweetest part, let’s look at the documentaries which against all odds emerge as the best of the best.

Life on the Line 

As the name hints, Life on the Line showcases the lives of professional sports gamblers, focusing on how their betting decisions impact the trajectory of their lives. 

Since 2016, it has been offering viewers an in-depth look into the challenges, risks and rewards faced by individuals who make a living by placing bets on sports events. You get a close-up view of the highs and lows experienced by those who have chosen a life where success and failure often hinge on the outcome  of a game. 

The Best of It 

This documentary takes viewers along on a ride into the psychological aspects of gambling. It captures what goes on in the mind of professional bettors as they make decisions and experience myriads of emotions. We get to see the mindset and perceptions of those  navigating this unpredictable landscape as we get a glimpse into their personal life and journey. 

The best of it prompts its viewers to reflect on their perceptions and attitudes towards sports betting.. Beyond all this, you can be sure of an engaging experience also.

Fantasy Sports Gambling by Frontline 

Frontline is a long running documentary series produced by PBS( Public Broadcasting Scene). The series is known for its in-depth investigative journalism and comprehensive coverage of various social, political and economic issues. 

One of such topics that PBS took it upon themselves to look into is fantasy sports and online betting. Fantasy Sports Gamble explores the growth and behind the scenes of the sports gambling industry and you can trust it to be engaging and informative.

60 Minutes Sports Betting: Billy Walters 

60 minutes is an American news investigation television program that has been airing on CBS since 1968. This is one show that gives you an in-depth insight into a wide range of topics. 

CBS, with the hopes of providing its viewers a glimpse into the life of one of the most popular high rollers, successfully did all they could to get the elusive Billy Walters who for over 30 years has avoided the public’s eye. 

Thanks to their effort, we can now get an insight into the life and personal journey of the man who calls himself a Kentucky Hillbilly. Billy Walters is that professional  bettor who seems to have everything in his favor, from the best odds in the NFL schedule to the best land deals from the city. Having consistently succeeded at all his betting endeavors, Billy Walters is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. You might be wondering, how did he make this unimaginable feat possible? Well why not jump at the rare opportunity to see how he was able to achieve 30 years of unprecedented success.

30 for 30: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek 

30 for 30 is an ESPN documentary series that covers a wide range of sports stories and personalities. One of such series is a biography of none other than, The legend Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder. 

The film follows Snyder’s life, from his early days in Steubenville, Ohio, having to find a place for himself after the horrific murder of his mom and aunt by his Uncle, up until his death. Snyder, on discovering he had a knack for making accurate predictions, dropped out of school to master the art of gambling which he did. 

He made a fortune on sports betting, still went through several challenges and was eventually asked to join “The NFL Today” as a sports commentator in 1976 causing his fame to skyrocket. 

However, after the death of his children due to cystic fibrosis, Snyder made nationally televised insensitive remarks in 1988 bringing his fame to an abrupt end as CBS fired him. Eventually, he passed away in 1996, following years spent in depression, agonizing over his mistakes. However, he has a legacy that can’t be forgotten.


Sports betting documentaries offer a balanced perspective on gambling as it showcases both the wins and the struggles. With this in mind, remember that response gambling practices is key 

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  1. I completely agree with the inclusion of ‘The Insider’ on this list. That documentary was so eye-opening and exposed the dark underbelly of the tobacco industry. It’s a must-watch for anyone interested in the dangers of unregulated corporate power.

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