4 Tricks Video Game Designers Use to Keep You Entertained Image

4 Tricks Video Game Designers Use to Keep You Entertained

By Chris Gore | December 1, 2017

Being captivated by your favorite video game is something that all players will experience at some point, but have you ever wondered why that controller is so difficult to put down? Or why you can’t wait for the latest edition to hit the shelves? Video games developers are geniuses when it comes to using techniques to keep players hooked. Here are some of the key things they take into consideration when planning how to keep you fully-absorbed in your favorite virtual world.


For many, playing video games is an escape from reality so designers will endeavor to create a new world that’s as captivating as possible. Depending on what the game’s focus is, developers will maximize on creating awe-inspiring scenes and graphics combined with faster but slightly more basic game play to keep you coming back for more. So whether it’s Mass-Multiplayer Role Playing Games or free Vegas slots, the wow-factor isn’t necessarily about getting the player to continue for hours on end, it’s about establishing a relationship with them which provides the maximum amount of enjoyment in the time they spend playing. It keeps them on their toes, it encourages them to share the game with friends and, most importantly, it makes playing an unforgettable experience. The best examples of wow-factor are through Wii style games, especially where multiplayer options keep the action as fast-paced as possible.


Progression is key when it comes to keep players entertained. After all, if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, then what is the point of playing? One way designers keep players craving more action by allowing them to advance through the first few levels relatively quickly. After allowing them to rapidly gain momentum they then up the skill needed to get ahead. Spreading achievements throughout the game play and making them more desirable as you progress is key, although it is a tactic widely recognized by players. To make the process more unique and unpredictable, developers also incorporate rewards and bonus levels to keep players on their toes and mix-up traditional game-play protocol.

A Win-Win Situation

In many video games, it’s not just about completing levels but about the extra boosts you can gain along the way. That’s why many online games use their own virtual currency that are independent of progression but can significantly aid a player when it comes to completing the game. Having a virtual currency also creates an additional level of competition between players. In some cases, the more currency you accumulate the faster you can advance through the game thanks to the opportunities which arise from it. While it’s wholly possible to enjoy the game without this added entertainment, it’s a great trick used by designers to add an entirely new dimension to games based on levels and progress.


To ensure players remain captivated and entertained in the virtual worlds in which they are playing, accurate graphic design, sound and visual effects are vital. No matter how interesting a game’s levels are or how attention-grabbing the mode of play is, if a game glitches or has characters getting stuck it can instantly kill the immersive aspect which is vital to player entertainment. That’s why designers can spend years creating an entirely accurate landscape or virtual world in which the environment is as realistic as possible. Increasing the realness of a virtual world can be as simple as causing a character’s cloak to blow the correct way in the wind, or by adding a soundtrack that mimics the surrounding landscape.

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