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4. Reality

Not to be confused with Matteo Garrone 2012, an Italian film about reality TV, this Reality is a French-Belgian comedy.

Released in 2014, the surreal, bilingual French/English comedy is written and directed by Quentin Dupieux, also known as electronic musician / DJ, Mr. Oizo.

Its premise, like many of Dupieux films, is completely otherworldly: It mainly follows Jason Tantra (played by Alain Chabat), a wannabe French director in LA, who is trying to make a horror movie. The only problem is that in order to receive completion funding from an eccentric (also French) producer, he needs to find the “perfect Oscars-worthy scream” in only two days.

Jason becomes obsessed, and is chasing this scream 24/7 everywhere he goes, at work on a TV program set, on the street, at the gym, or recording himself howling for hours in his car. He is absorbed in his project and, soon enough, he finds himself somewhere between dreams and reality. But which is which?!

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