The ZombieDance Film Festival’s primary focus is on short films containing members of the undead: zombies (naturally), ghosts, ghouls, spooks and all things creepy and crawly. This year, however, festival organizers have decided to open up the entry field and take all films of a “psychotronic” nature.
“We established the festival because we felt that zombie films weren’t shown enough respect,” festival head Nathan McGinty stated recently. “But, over the past few years, we’ve always shown films that – though not necessarily featuring a zombie or member of the undead – were just too good to pass up. This year we decided to go ahead and make it official.”
“If you don’t know what psychotronic means,” McGinty stresses. “Don’t waste your money on postage sending us a tape. That means YOU, art school goth kids.”
As with previous ZombieDance years, the emphasis is on short films under thirty minutes in length. There is no entry fee, but films selected for ZombieDance will be required to submit a $15 Festival Fee.
“We hate having to ask for money,” McGinty admits. “But these things are expensive. Have you ever rented a video projector? What the f**k? Are they made out of gold or something?”
The festival itself will be held in downtown Austin on March 9, 2002, though festival organizers are keeping the location a carefully guarded secret. In addition to the festival films, ZombieDance will most likely feature a lineup of local Austin “rock” bands. Also highlighting the festival will be the world premiere of “The Creepees vs. Monster Number Two”, the sequel to the indie-circuit hit, “The Collegians Are Go!!”
Entries are now being accepted for the the Fourth Annual ZombieDance (formerly ZXZW) Film Festival. ZombieDance will be held on March 9, 2002 in Austin, Texas at a location yet to be announced. Deadline for entries is February 1, 2002.
E-mail festival bigwig Nathan McGinty or get more information by visiting the official ZombieDance Film Festival web site.
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