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By Admin | June 4, 2006

Dimension Films announced that they will make a new “Halloween” movie with Rob Zombie (“The Devil’s Rejects,” “House of 1000 Corpses”) writing, directing and serving as a producer. Zombie will also serve as music supervisor on the film. Miramax Films will co-finance the development with Dimension Films.

Zombie’s vision of this film is an entirely new take on the legend and will supposedly satisfy fans of the classic “Halloween” legacy while beginning a new chapter in the Michael Myers saga. The film is set for an October 2007 theatrical release.

Bob Weinstein stated, “Rob Zombie is a gifted musician and performer as well as a talented filmmaker. His vision for this new ‘Halloween’ is spectacular and I am thrilled to be collaborating with him and to work closely with Malek Akkad to continue the legacy built by his father, the late Moustapha Akkad.”

Zombie said, “I have been a huge, huge fan of John Carpenter’s original film since its release. So when Bob Weinstein approached me about this, I jumped at the chance to join forces with Dimension Films on this amazing project.”

All official press release fun aside, in his MySpace blog, Rob offered a few more words about the project:

“Okay here’s the real deal for those of you who are confused. As I said yesterday – I am not making Halloween 9. That series is done, complete, over.

But what I am doing is starting totally from from scratch. This the new HALLOWEEN. Call it a remake, an update, a reimaging or whatever, but one thing that for sure is this is a whole new start… a new begining with no connection to the other series. That is exactly why the project appeals to me. I can take it and run with it.

I talked to John Carpenter about this the other day and he said, “Go for it, Rob. Make it your own”. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

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