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By Eric Campos | April 19, 2005

I’m a big fan of the trainwreck and that’s exactly what “Zombie Nation” is – one great big fuckin’ trainwreck. And that’s the intended effect here as “Zombie Nation” is a mockumentary on the making of a “craptastic” ultra-low budget and low-talent zombie movie. The problem here is that the train wrecks so hard that it’s sometimes difficult to make out just exactly what this wreckage is you’re looking at.

A group of filmmakers gather a bunch of local talent to make, well, a really shitty movie. A really shitty zombie movie to be more exact. Basically, they’re just out to have fun. Like the thoroughly entertaining production documentaries you can find on Troma’s “Terror Firmer” and “Citizen Toxie” DVDs, production catastrophe on “Zombie Nation” is documented and pieced together for our enjoyment. Unfortunately, the footage here is so manically cut together that the whole thing becomes confusing. The movie gets so nuts that it starts canceling itself out. There’s some funny stuff going on here, but then there’s also plenty of moments where there’s just a bunch of crap happening – here’s a guy passed out on the couch, here’s a guy beating the s**t out of a car with an axe, here’s more people bitching about how shitty the production is, here’s a couple guys complaining about the rotten stench of a car. A lot of these clips don’t relate well with each other, at least not in the way they’re all chopped together. In here somewhere is a good, funny movie, it’s just muffled by too much chaos.

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