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By Eric Campos | October 4, 2005

I’ve called out a lot of “date movies” on this site. Most of those calls have been bullshit. They were just me wanting to see the horrified expressions of couples watching some of the twisted relationship movies that cross our path here at Film Threat…and we do get more than our fair share. But now, with “Zombie Honeymoon,” I believe I can truly say that this is a perfect date movie. While there still may not be a shortage of horrified expressions from audience members, this rom-zom has a little something for everyone. There’s the heartwarming story of young newlyweds, so cute and playful you just want to crawl inside the movie and give them a big hug. Then there’s the gut-munching, zombie bloodbath portion of our movie as one of our newlyweds becomes a member of the living dead, biting large, bloody chunks out of everyone in sight. At last, the hopeless romantics and the gorehounds can feast at the same table.

A zombie attack ruins a perfectly pleasant honeymoon getaway (as it will normally do) for newlyweds Denise and Danny. Danny is pronounced dead at the emergency room, but ten minutes later he miraculously revives. The newlyweds attempt to continue their honeymoon, however cautiously, and everything seems to be going swell until Denise finds Danny chowing on a dead body in their tub. Needless to say, this puts an immediate strain on their relationship. Denise is a little freaked out, but Danny, despite his inability to control his new diet, promises never to hurt her. The two plan a quick trip out of the country to perhaps find a way to cure Danny of this illness, but before they can leave, Danny gets worse and begins a flesh eating rampage across town that would make Giovanni Lombardo Radice (that’s John Morghen to you) proud. Danny’s looks become just as ghoulish as his eating habits and it becomes apparent that Denise is married to a zombie.

What’s most surprising about “Zombie Honeymoon” is how filmmaker Dave Gebroe treats the material so seriously and straight forward. There’s a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure, but this isn’t a silly campfest like the title would have you believe (at least that’s what I get from the title), this is a straight up tragic love story…with plenty of blood, guts and rotting flesh, too. In other words, “Zombie Honeymoon” is a unique experience.

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