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By Chris Parcellin | June 13, 2001

In “Zero Squad: Attack!!”, the fictional burg of Phantom City is suddenly subjected to maniacal TV spots featuring the rantings of Mr. Jynx (Ryan Cronin). Jynx tells the locals that their governor is being held for the exorbitant sum of one-hundred million dollars. And to get him back safely they need to get him the cash within forty-eight hours with “no funny s**t”. That sounds a little pricey for some lousy politician–and personally, I’d like see some funny s**t.
Jynx’s crew is called, aptly enough, the Zero Squad and they’ve got terrorism on their evil minds. His main foe is a perky little gal known as Lady Danger (Nicole Palomado). She hands out some fairly brutal a*s-whippings and nails one of Jynx’s goons with several punishing blows to the jimmies, which finishes him off in short order. She also has these cool blade things attached to her forearms that she deploys when a bit of good, old-fashioned ultraviolence is called for.
The box cover promises “25 minutes of bonebreaking chaos”. But does this film deliver? Pretty much. And with a cute little heroine like Lady Danger pounding on the bad guys, how can you go wrong? “Zero Squad: Attack!!” definitely has its share of loopy good fun. It’s amusingly trashy and well worth a look.

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