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By Chris Gore | April 11, 2002

Greg goes by the name Zen. He’s a landscaper and little does he know that he’s in for the most dramatic day of his life. After doing his duty trimming a lawn, the lady of the house arrives home. This sexy 45 year-old woman invites Zen into her house for more than a cool drink. They immediately begin to passionately make out, all the time her eye on the clock. Suddenly her teenage son arrives home — they’re caught in the act and he won’t buy Zen’s lame “I was fixing the sink” excuse. Then he realizes that Zen was the guy who used to beat the crap out of him in high school. Suddenly dad arrives home to the dramatic scene. The film continues with a series of escalating revelations eliciting roars of laughter from the audience. Mom is having an affair with the landscaper to get revenge on her husband’s affair! He’s not having an affair but their son reveals he’s gay and adopted! Hysterically funny.

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