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By Admin | November 13, 2003

Sometimes you can get a lot of mileage out of doing nothing, but it depends on who might be providing for your lazy a*s so that you can do nothing. For Robbie (Ivan Fatovic), his parents have been sending him money for 5 years now so that he can live nicely while going job-hunting. This includes playing chess on the computer, whacking off to porn on the Internet, and taking hits from a bong and watching TV. Mind you this guy WANTS to do something, but just hasn’t found exactly what he wants. So he does nothing.
Patience is wearing thin from the parental units and interrupted mid-whack by his Mom leaving a message on his answering machine, he answers the call and his Mom wants to know how the job hunt is going, but his father gets on and says that he’s cut off from the funds. He’s on his own now. So, what’s a guy like this to do?
Despite how Robbie actually manages to make his living at the end of “Yuri & Me”, this is actually a fun and breezy short, made better by Francis Fallon who plays Robbie’s crazy Russian neighbor, Yuri. This guy pretty much hangs on to Robbie when they first meet and won’t let the guy alone, though that’s exactly what will get Robbie to find exactly what he wants to do with his life. Needless to say, this may make many guys wish they could be doing the same thing as him. And not surprisingly, the revelation comes after a night of booze and coke, coupled with two hot chicks that are the catalysts for Robbie’s decision.
“Yuri & Me” shows that it’s possible to do nothing and get something out of it, but don’t take that too seriously. After all, it’s not likely you’ll meet a crazy Russian dude who’s the indirect answer to all your problems, both career-wise and money-wise.

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