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By Scott Knopf | March 17, 2009

“You’re Outa Here” is a short animated film that plays more like a music video. The story follows a woman who’s fed up with her boyfriend – so fed up that she’s kicking him to the curb. Rightfully so, as she finds someone’s polka-dotted brassiere underneath her pillow.

The story is nothing new and neither is the film’s style. The animation looks like “Caroline in the City” interludes with a dash of “Cathy” cartoons thrown together for some good ol’ fashioned man frustration. What makes it even worse is the realization that the music playing over the film was created by the legendary Jazz musician Fats Waller. Lorraine Feather’s original lyrics for his music wouldn’t be such a crime if they weren’t incredibly cliché and absolutely painful to listen to. On top of that, hearing said lyrics belted out as if from a mid-90s commercial jingle makes for an ultimately unbearable experience.

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