It is not uncommon for actors or directors to bow out of a film during production. Most often the circumstances surrounding these premature withdrawals are based on health problems, such as Buddy Ebsen’s near-fatal allergic reaction to his Tin Woodsman make-up in “The Wizard of Oz” or Vivien Leigh’s acute nervous breakdown while shooting “Elephant Walk.” On a few occasions, star talent left the film and relocated to that big studio in the sky, most notably Tyrone Power during the making of “Solomon and Sheba” and Natalie Wood while “Brainstorm” was being shot.

Less common, though perhaps more intriguing, are situations when the talent is forcibly removed from a film while it is being made. There have been notable and surprising occasions throughout the years when major names heard the dreaded words which were made into a new mantra by Donald Trump from the reality TV show “The Apprentice”: “You’re Fired!”

Who gets fired and why they got the boot provides a fascinating consideration of the egos, arrogance and insanity that infects the filmmaking process. Here for your happy consideration (since you are not the one being shown the door) are the most unusual examples of midstream firings in film history and the surprising after-effects of such terminations.

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