If you’re a female whose dream it’s been been to be stalked by an axe-wielding goon or savaged by a bloodthirsty beast in a horror movie, then you’re our type of woman…you’re also elligible to be a part of Crazy Ralph Films’ and DH Enterprises’ reality TV series “I Want to be a Scream Queen.” The program asks Hollywood hopefuls to submit Survivor-style application videos in an attempt to land a lead role in “Hybrid,” a feature film shooting in June of 2003.
Crazy Ralph Films’ Tony Urban says, “It gives anyone who’s ever dreamed of starring in a movie the chance to do so. It doesn’t matter if they live in California or Kansas, everyone’s on equal footing.”
Chip Hajel, Executive Producer of “I Want to be a Scream Queen” also believes the project’s “anyone can become a star” aspect is its biggest strength. “We aren’t looking for impressive resumes or extensive training. What we are searching for are women with the charisma and personality to carry a movie. We’re confident that we’ll find several.”
The program consists of two parts – the first being the reality TV portion, which will feature a ten part documentary series covering “I Want to be a Scream Queen” from its inception, through the unique casting process and the production of the movie. The second part is the motion picture “Hybrid,” described by the producers as an off-beat horror/comedy about genetic engineering gone bad.
To learn how to be a Scream Queen of the future, visit the I Want to be a Scream Queen website.

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