Film fans won a great victory on April 21st when Code Red DVD finally released one of the greatest horror movies of all time: “”Sole Survivor“. It was directed by Thom Eberhardt, who did the very cool “”Night of the Comet“, a teen horror comedy that shares nothing of the dark nihilistic Survivor except that for the fact that it’s also an above average and underappreciated work. So, if you want to see a major influence on J-horror, go get this film. It’s an incredibly scary ride and one of my favorite horror movies of all time.

Oh, and while I’ve got your attention, I would like us all to point our fingers and yell SHAME, SHAME, SHAME to Paramount Studios and John Hughes for still not giving “”Planes, Trains and Automobiles“ a decent DVD release. The friggin’ format is going to change to Blu-ray before someone figures out that PT&A has the potential to become a huge seller. This is a film that EVERYONE likes, even jaded, cynical, misanthrope film critics like me. So what the f**k you waiting for Paramount, for the film to become forgotten so you can do a remake with Martin Lawrence?

Oh”¦ god”¦ that’s probably it.

Now I’m depressed.

Anyway, I just hope Paramount figures out what the hell they wanna do and DO IT QUICKLY. If they actually do remake it (and all kidding aside, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.) they’ll release the original in a super-duper deluxe edition as part of the marketing campaign for the new film. In which case, we win. And, if they’re not remaking it, then could they pretty f*****g please release the damn thing with something more, like maybe a trailer, before we all die? The 25th anniversary of the movie is coming up in 2012. I’ll only be almost forty by then and I was fourteen when it came out. Getting the hint Paramount?

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  1. Minic says:

    Classic film; easily one of Hughes’s best.

  2. uncle muscle says:

    I read in a Suicide Girls interview with John Landis that (and I’m paraphrasing here) studios don’t re-release films on special edition because the standard editions are still profitable.

    Is that true?

  3. Mark Bell says:


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