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By Film Threat Staff | January 10, 2003

We’ve got Dancing film festivals coming out of our a***s here at Film Threat Headquarters, so we thought we’d take a little break and indulge in some geekiness. It’s not something we do here very often (at least not in public), but every once in a while we have to unleash the inner-geek in order to keep our brains from scrambling due to all of the fine independent films we get to watch every day.
Are you as excited about “X2” as we are? We hope so, because in today’s geeky outburst, we bring you pictures of the most anticipated comic book movie this summer. Let’s face it, “X2” is gonna cream “The Hulk.” There’s just no denying it.
These pictures that floated across our desks will be found in The Making of X2 pictorial moviebook, an official tie-in to the May 2nd release date of the movie “X2.” Thrill at the sight of production photos and illustrations of Alan C*****g as Nightcrawler that we haven’t already seen on the web.
Director Brian Singer recently spoke to about his decision to place Nightcrawler in this sequel –
“Well, because he’s a very interesting character,” he said. “Once again, like Rogue in the first picture, there’s a kind of dichotomy to his character that interests me; he’s a religious character who has the physical proportions of a demon. He has a unique power that we haven’t seen before; he teleports, which is a bit different from what all the other characters do and that’s always important. One finds when one explores the universe that there are a lot of characters that are similar very often. This character shoots powerful lighting bolts from their eyes, another one from the hands, another one with a powerful beam, another one with powerful energy or powerful energy blasts and it’s always nice to have characters that are different and that also exemplify the mutant predicament, much like Rogue did in the first film. The Nightcrawler character embodies that choice, and also serves the story, and is also a fan favorite.”
This from UGO – C*****g spoke up about becoming a blue little devil at a recent Fox press event –
“Nightcrawler is very difficult. I get woken up very early by lovely, lovely makeup people. You just have to get into a zone where you don’t mind people poking at your face for four hours and spraying you with paint. I watch films in the mirror, but it’s quite hard if they’re subtitled. Nightcrawler has tattoos, which are very difficult to apply, and I rue the day I asked for them. I’m hoping that, if there’s a sequel, a strange mutant accident will take place – Nightcrawler will have no more tattoos and be white. The technology is incredible. I’m hoping that the next time I could do Nightcrawler as me and have them put the makeup on afterwards.”
Sounds like indie moviestars aren’t used to being coated in make-up from head-to-toe.
Okay, geeking out completed. Time to get back to work. We’ll see you in Park City next week!
If you haven’t already, check out the X2 trailer.

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