By Admin | November 1, 1999

I’ve always heard references to women in prison films but do not recall ever seeing one. Womens Prison Massacre was my first and I must say this is sexploitation at its finest.
A reporter, Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is imprisoned after being set up by the powerful district attorney she was investigating. All right, that really has little to do with the remainder of the film. The rest is just shower scenes and catfights with the brutal female warden and guards encouraging the mayhem and at times participating. Let’s see, you’ve got your lesbian shower scene, a blow up sex doll called Bobby Stallone and plenty of other gratuitous nudity. Then some male prisoners, who are at the female prison awaiting their death sentences, escape and take over. Throw in some gun fights, rape and cheesy dialogue and you’ve got a complete picture of what makes this movie a guilty pleasure.
Shot in Italy and dubbed, Womens Prison Massacre suffers from its attempts to look like it takes place in the United States. As the characters talk about locations in California, cops driving little black and white Fiats and scenes filmed on the narrow streets of Italy just don’t cut
It. Setting that aside, it’s a women in prison movie and who really cares what country it takes place in. In fact why even bother dubbing it to English, you’re not watching this one for great dialogue anyway.

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