By KJ Doughton | February 11, 2002

In the wake of such recent documentaries on the once-underground, now omnipresent porn industry as “Wadd” and Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy comes Marielle Nitoslawska’s documentary, Bad Girl. Like the above-mentioned movies, Nitoslawska’s film is a frank, unblinking expose on an industry that is becoming the sexual equivalent to McDonald’s and its fast-food counterparts, as it churns out over 10,000 hardcore features a year. Bad Girl, which celebrated its U.S. premiere at Seattle’s Women in Cinema Festival last month, serves up its saucy insider’s look with a twist. It’s dedicated exclusively to woman-generated porn, showing how adult videos have slowly become more appealing to females, on both consumer and business levels.
Telequebec, the Canadian T.V. network that financed it, initially banned Bad Girl from broadcast. After a vocal press protested the decision, the reluctant backers eventually relented, televising the film once, at midnight.
There’s nothing teasing or exploitative about Bad Girl, which studies its subject from a variety of different vistas, some humorous, some businesslike, and some philosophical. As one would expect given the subject at hand, many perspectives are also gynecological, hence the controversy. Even though Nitoslawska is completely true to her theme, the many erect members and graphic smut clips have made Bad Girl a hot potato and a distribution challenge. “It was too serious for the sex channels to air,” explained the director during a post-screening Q & A, “and too extreme for normal broadcasting.”
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