By Doug Brunell | December 27, 2002

If you can find another movie that packs this much style and punch into fifteen minutes, I’d like to know about it. I doubt it’s possible, as this is about as good as a short film can get.
William (Simon Wilson) works in a bank and dislikes people, especially homeless ones. His refusal to give the street beggars money comes back to bite his Brit a*s one night when a woman (Elizabeth Hopley) he once pushed aside brutalizes him and robs his 75 pounds. (Details of the attack aren’t necessary, but it does involve testicles and one very tightly clenched fist.)
This woman later reappears in William’s life, and his once forgotten fantasies of revenge are rekindled.
Evan Richards scored big here. Shot on 35mm in London, this short film continues the grand tradition of English crime movies. And while it plays well at 15 minutes, it could easily be expanded into a full-length feature and probably should be at some time. These are great characters with a wealth of potential, and it sure beats the hell out of most of the guano passed off as crime/revenge flicks that come out of America.

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