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By Admin | March 2, 2006

The Israeli drama “Wolve’s Moon” has more than enough pulpy melodrama to fill a month’s worth of soap opera episodes. Hunky cattle rancher Guy (Liron Levo, an Israeli Matt Dillon clone) is involved in a drunk driving accident that leaves his equally hunky brother Yoav as a quadriplegic. Guy gets a one-year prison sentence, though in an Israeli prison he gets to wear designer sportswear and keep a fashion model-worthy hairstyle. Guy is released and has two dilemmas: Yoav’s former girlfriend is madly in love with him and Yoav wants Guy to help him commit suicide. So, what’s a hunky ex-con rancher to do?

“Wolve’s Moon” misses its camp potential by falling victim to a lethargic, often indifferent approach to storytelling. The film feels like it is running on auto-pilot, with the actors going about their absurd situations with minimal interest in their lines. In fact, the best performances here belong to a wolf duo who dine on one of Guy’s cows. But even in this lazy little movie, the wolves are too bored to give a howl. Who can blame them?

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