A short humorous film incorporating both parody and satire, William Shatner Lent Me His Hairpiece is about, well, William Shatner, his hairpiece and the power this “hair system” holds.
As Hegan explains, before William Shatner made it big, he was a balding unemployed actor selling flowers. But one day he sold his soul for a hairpiece. He attained instant success by landing the role of Captain Kirk and becoming quite the ladies man. Once Shatner began to believe it was he who brought on all this success, the hairpiece rebelled, calling all the hairpieces of the television executives. Shatner’s career went into a tailspin. Angered by the control the hairpiece had over his life he tried to get rid of it, but it always returned. Sometimes crawling for miles. Shatner eventually gave in allowing it to stage his comeback. That’s when Hegan and Shatner meet outside a convention. Hegan saves Shatner from a horde of his rabid fans. In return, Shatner agrees to lend his “hair system,” as he prefers to call it, to Hegan for two weeks. After discovering the hairpiece he received was a fake, Hegan vows revenge. He breaks into Shatner’s house, using his Star Trek membership card to bypass the alarm system, and steals the real hairpiece. Just as with Shatner, Hegan is instantly surrounded by women, thriving from the power of the “hair system.” Meanwhile Shatner goes into withdrawal, calling upon his Star Trek cohorts to help him. Finally catching up with Hegan in a ridiculously funny battle scene, Shatner, loosing the battle, beams down Scotty to knock Hegan out. Hegan wakes up hairless and his lifetime membership Star Trek card has been stamped canceled.
Simply put, there’s a William Shatner impersonation and a hairpiece that’s alive, what more could you want in 14 minutes of video?

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