This is the kind of film Tim Burton wishes he could make. Kind of touching, kind of morbid and totally original. And to give the answer to the movie’s “Jeopardy”-like title: “Because mom’s a psycho.”
Mom (Patti Wotherspoon) cooks elaborate, disgusting meals for her three darlings, but she has an intense hatred of brown eggs. Her children, Godfrey (Colton Boreen), Chester (Michael Kurliak) and Eliza (Katherine Eaton), are getting a little fed up with her antics, too. When it comes time to eat their birthday meal they decide to take a very unusual stand against their mother’s insanity and do something all children wish they could do at one time or another.
Mom isn’t the only touched one in the family, though. Her children are also a little bizarre. Chester likes to flush various household items down the toilet, and Godfrey eats flowers. Eliza spies on her brothers and carries around balloons with her wherever she goes. Why? Does it matter? They just all have problems.
Rarely has there been a short film so worthy of attention. It has just the right amounts of dark humor and fantasy, and it always takes itself seriously. It’s also painfully obvious that director/writer Jamie Travis has a natural gift. If this doesn’t win some awards, the judges are asleep at the wheel.

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