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By Steve Anderson | May 11, 2007

If Zombie Apocalypse ever shows up–and of course, by Zombie Apocalypse I mean hordes of flesh-and-or-brain eating walking corpses reduce humanity to a terrified remnant of a society, clinging to scraps of its former glory while on the run from the nightmarish hordes–then frankly, I hope it’s as funny (or at least as half-assed) as Ben Jurin’s “Why Must I Be A Zombie In Love?”.

The movie’s title goes a long way to describing the plot–basically, one of our brain-hungry walking corpses, Jawboy (proper name James) is out for a stroll hunting living humans when he meets Lily, another walking corpse out for several bites. After losing their quarry, Jawboy runs into his ex-girlfriend Nancy–now, unaccountably, a vampire named Natasha–who’s been romantically linked to another vampire, Xavier, who’s out to gentrify the local community and slay all the “inferior species” that are keeping the property values down.

You can just about imagine what follows.

Actually, you can’t. Because even if I was a complete a*****e and told you exactly what would happen, you still wouldn’t believe me. Because it’s just going to be that bizarre, and that funny. I can, however, tell you that the resident mad scientist in this movie, Doctor Pretorius, looks and sounds vaguely like Charlie Sheen, and that only adds to the humor going on around here.

All things considered, you could do a whole lot worse with a spare seventeen minutes than watch “Why Must I Be A Zombie In Love?”, and though the narrative is a bit rushed to get all that comedy in there, it’s still going to be worth your time to find it and see it.

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