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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 13, 2004

“American Idol”, probably the most widely watched talent (and no-talent) show across the nation, and the only biggest, always has the potential to make dreams, break dreams, and leave them halfway between “make” and “break”. But for Grand Moff Tarkin, his decision for setting course for Alderaan and blowing it up into nothingness could have very well had something to do with that planet’s version of “Idol”.

We already know the real reason for the destruction of Alderaan, but an interesting “what if?” theory is presented here. As it turns out, a young Tarkin actually auditioned for “Alderaan Idol” and all I can properly say about this is that if Simon Cowell could actually puke on command like that for our version of “Idol”, it would really liven up the slow spots of the season, so long as a good janitor was standing by. As for the short itself, it thumbs its nose at the standard opening crawl that too many fan filmmakers have used in the past and present, dismissing it in a really funny way. I respect what fan filmmakers want to do with the opening crawl because it’s their opportunity to use what helped make George Lucas famous, but sometimes it’s really not needed. It’s a waste, when that time could be used to get right into it.

Anyway, check out “Why Alderaan?” and see a young Tarkin’s dream slowly being crushed under the weight of words and puke.

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