By Rory L. Aronsky | January 24, 2004

He’s baaaaaacccck!!!! Matthew Ehlers, who’s more than happy to overturn the mundaneness of corporate cafeterias (“Lunch”) and drive-through banking (“Autobank”) has returned with “Who’s Your Daddy?” which does show some age from its joke about people not realizing that what they’re looking for is right in their line of sight, but is presented in a far different manner and amusing at that.

Karl, is holding his wife’s hand as she gives birth. It’s a momentous part of life, the time when a squealing, screaming infant pops out of a lady’s Shangri-La, ready to begin exploring our overcrowded world. And life for Karl’s newborn might consist of him making sure the dog doesn’t drag it out and bury it in the backyard, next to the smashed-up dog bones. The reason is because the kid isn’t Carl’s. It’s….plastic. Seriously, it is plastic, and Karl, as well as many other fathers, are terribly confused by the influx of plastic baby dolls, so confused in fact that they gather at a bar to sort this mess out, joined by Steve, a plastic man. Don’t count on these guys to figure it out though.

Eggwork Productions, from the likes of Ehlers’ previous work, is in the business of creating irreverent, lively, and comical works that decide to go around what’s been established about places and people, and kick those ideas in the a*s, laughing as they fall in the manure-caked mud. There’d better be more.

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