The Independent Film Channel is giving obsessed movie geeks a chance to show off their film knowledge and fanaticism in an original, eight-part series, “Ultimate Film Fanatic.” The person emerging victorious in the heated competition will be crowned the national “Ultimate Film Fanatic,” providing the winner with the rare opportunity to program IFC for a night, serve as that evening’s on-air host, and receive a lifetime worth of bragging rights as a master of the film domain, a claim that may severely hinder your chances at getting laid ever again.
“Ultimate Film Fanatic” will premiere in July of 2004 and serve as IFC’s first audience based competition. The series will be hosted by our own Chris Gore. Joining him will be a celebrity panel serving as judges. Participants in the series will be selected at regional competitions in New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Denver, Detroit and Atlanta. Do you have what it takes?
“As an obsessed film fanatic myself, I can’t wait to meet my fellow maniacs and put them to the test to see if they measure up,” said Gore. “With so many film lovers out there, you can be sure that our ‘Ultimate Film Fanatic’ will be just that—a person obsessed with films and everything about them. Like a lot of people, I have a passion for useless movie trivia, so I feel I was born to host this show. If ‘The Ultimate Film Fanatic’ is ‘American Idol for movie geeks,’ I guess that makes me Ryan Seacrest for movie maniacs.”
Competition rounds in “Ultimate Film Fanatic” will include movie trivia, a debate over films that participants love or hate, and an “obsession war” in which competitors will be judged by their personal collections of film memorabilia.

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