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By Film Threat Staff | March 26, 2003

“HYBRID,” the horror film in part spawned by the “I WANT TO BE A SCREAM QUEEN” reality TV show in which aspiring actresses attempt to land a starring role in a monster movie will begin production on March 30, 2003.
The project, headed by producers Tony Urban and Chip Hajel, began with a rigorous application process which included more than 3,000 applicants all vying for a shot at movie stardom.
In January, the “Scream Queens” were crowned, Bridget Marquardt, a Los Angeles model who was the November ’02 Playboy Cyber Girl; Kristin Abbott, a Texas A&M college junior; Heather Darling, a Hollywood-based actress who most recently appeared in Troma Team’s “Tales From the Crapper;” Noel Francomano, a New York office worker; and Patricia Bellemore, a radio station employee out of Kingston, Ontario.
Those five women will star in the horror movie “HYBRID,” which as told by producers, “… begins when a group of animal rights activists breaks into a research lab, with intentions of freeing the abused creatures. When one particular specimen comes in contact with the public, all hell breaks loose and we’re treated to an intense movie filled with memorable characters, copious amounts of gore and a monster that will go down in horror movie history.”
Tony Urban, who also directs, adds “HYBRID is a throwback to the 80’s style of horror with a group of extremely sexy women, excessive bloodshed wrought by a brutal killing machine and just enough humor to keep everything fun.”
For more information, check out the I Want to be a Scream Queen website.

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