Everyone in Hollywood wants to get their hands on a naked gold man. And everyone is so excited that for weeks there’s a frenzy over speculation about the lucky folks who will be stroking some shiny bald guy. Well, everyone, that is, except for me.

If you want to read my full Oscar picks for this weekend, and win your office pool, check out my column at Suicide Girls.

I’ve posted two stories at SG, one addressing my Oscar picks titled, oddly enough, Os-Gore Predictions and another called What’s wrong with Oscar? Plenty”¦ Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. Just don’t do what I do when I go to the Suicide Girls site which is to get distracted. It’s hard to stay focused on film when there are so many beautiful ladies on the site.

Martin Scorsese has been nominated six times for Best Director and never won. Will he lose a seventh time for The Departed? If he walks away Oscarless this weekend, Marty may lose it altogether.

Check in after the show to see how close my Os-Gore predictions were to the actual outcome… I’m kind of excited to find out.

Gore gone!

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