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By Admin | February 2, 2001

“There ain’t nothin’ like the nasty smell of s**t to end a beautiful day at the park!” So says Whitney (Mario Gardner), a superstar singer who has serious problems with booze, dope and just being a full-on psycho.
Shot from the point of view of Whitney’s young child, “Whitney: Mama’s Little Baby” is a webcast series on [ ] that presents a cavalcade of damning evidence against its soul singing star. The hapless diva is a drunken crackwhore who throws hilarious temper tantrums as fine Whitney Houston pop songs blare away on the soundtrack. Episode titles include “Crack Ho Part 1,” “Nasty, Stinky Baby” and “Chips & Crack: Dinnertime!”
Co-writer/star Mario Gardner is fantastic in the role of the confused celebrity, with his lengthy, deranged, drug-addled raps and generally unbalanced behavior. Just the fact that it’s a man in drag playing the role makes everything he does twice as funny. And filmmaker Lawrence Elbert has crafted a twisted, edgy, black-humored valentine to Mrs. Bobby Brown that celebrates the tabloid-driven side of her tumultuous ride in the spotlight.
“Whitney: Mama’s Little Baby” is probably the finest series on the Web.

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