By Chris Parcellin | April 10, 2001

Italy has churned-out some wacky exploitation “shockers” over the years. “White Slave” is one of those films from the 1980s, and features the story of a young girl who is brutalised by savages–and ends-up being rather pissed-off about the whole thing.
Sexy schoolgirl Katherine Miles (Elvire Audray) comes to visit her rich, snotty parents who live near the Amazon. One day their boat is attacked and the old folks get their ignorant noggins chopped off. Subsequently, Katherine is taken prisoner by natives wearing Beatle wigs. The Ringo-like jungle predators really put her through heck with torture, humiliation and –worst of all indignities–they wouldn’t accept her credit card.
As the film unfolds our heroine makes friends with some of the rotten savages, and actually helps one of the dopes by re-breaking his leg and attaching a homemade splint–after the locals allow him to become crippled by a simple fracture. Amazingly enough, she didn’t even ask him if he had insurance before performing the procedure. Quite a gal, indeed.
Another good thing about this leading lady is she runs around in nothing but a skimpy pair of shorts for most of the movie. That kind of dedication is admirable in any actress. But on the negative side–this chick is probably an A-cup. However, let’s face it, breast implants are pretty hard to come by in the wild.
Most of “White Slave” is surprisingly mild, with a few instances of brutality interspersed. The film is pretty entertaining in its own cheeseball way, and might be worth a look if you’re an aficionado of the Spaghetti Exploitation genre.

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