By Admin | October 21, 2004

The loose cannon of a drug dealing group. An angry drug lord with a big enough pad, laden with many luxuries. A drug deal gone bad. Expected nudity. Expected sex. A sexy assassin. A set time limit (24 hours for the assassin, 12 hours for Brian (Judd Nelson, but it doesn’t matter). Stolen money and drugs, with an eye toward profit. A member of that profit-seeking group with a conscious. The cracking of bone for shock value. The use and abuse of Los Angeles for the sake of a bad movie. The “surprise” reveal of a character’s true nature. A drug dealer’s lab surrounded by street thugs with automatics.

Welcome to “White Rush” and the above set of clichés you’ll encounter if you bother watching it. Louis Mandylor, as cocksure dirty cop Chick, comes across a drug deal gone bad, the standard way of a drug deal in a movie. Strangely enough, he identifies it as the result of a drug war, and one of his friends, another cop, knows it too, from what could be gathered from this typical C-grade atomic mess. Judd Nelson, looking like the father John Bender described in “The Breakfast Club”, though not as shabby, comes in as Brian Nathanson, the drug dealer who was the only survivor of the entire matter. In the middle of all this are the friends torn over what to do, concerned about Chick’s overdone zeal about the business, or were they not concerned? There are a lot of details we’re never sure of in this, mainly because there’s nothing worth watching. Drug dealing has never been so unexciting. The performances are almost below porn-level, the action, sex, and nudity are gratuitous and not all that exciting, and Louis Mandylor needs a few tranquilizer darts. Shame about Judd Nelson. He deserves to look tougher in a better movie. I hope he finds one.

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