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By Eric Campos | April 8, 2004

Any film that has the words “hairy little snatch” appearing together in that order is okay by me. Thing is, all I can really say about this film is that it’s just “okay”.
In “Whipsmart”, we witness the troubles a professional dominatrix goes through when she brings her diaper clad clients home where she lives with a couple of bitchy roommates. One roommate disapproves of all the weirdos coming in and out of the place while the other likes to disrupt sessions for the stupidest s**t – like complaining about pubic hair on a bar of soap. As one of the roommates tries to throw a wrench into the whole operation, we’re shown that you can’t dominate a dominatrix.
This film could’ve benefited from being a little longer, at least another five minutes or so. It’s amusing as it is, but just as the joke begins, it’s over. With the set up I think there’s plenty of room where the idea could’ve expanded and been made funnier. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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