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By Chase Whale | November 24, 2012

Where’s Sandra? Joshua (Patrick Peterson) seems to be looking for her. He’s a strange fella who plays with toy cars and collects soda cans for money. On Joshua’s quest to find this Sandra, he meets the most unusual folks (i.e. really f*****g weird). Josh wears clown shoes, a Where’s Waldo? red and striped long sleeve, and a multi-colored propeller cap.

This is really all you’ll understand from this movie watching it sober. If you took some ecstasy or dropped some acid, you’ll probably have the time of your life. The film appears to be shot on VHS, and there’s enough colorful filters used to make the Beastie Boys circa 1990’s very proud.

This is by far the most puzzling short film I’ve seen in a very long time. That statement can be taken good or bad, but i will say this: I did enjoy it. The plot might be a bit too far out there for anyone to want to piece together, but their ambitious attempt at standing out should be applauded.

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