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By Mark Bell | January 23, 2007

The gossip / rumors continue. Apparently a bidding war broke out over “The Son of Rambow” involving deals in the $8-$10 million range, and I’m still waiting for confirmation / word on who won that one. The buzz around that film from everyone who has seen it has been positive, with the word “cute” being used quite often. Jamie got that one, and she concurred with the popular critical opinion.

In news on a film that was acquired for sure, Harvey Weinstein has supposedly gone on record as stating that the film “Teeth,” picked up by the Weinstein Company and Lionsgate in a joint endeavor, will not go under the editing knife for a theater-friendly rating, and will go out NC-17 if necessary. And I’ll believe it when I see it…

And in an odd bit of karma, I seem to be scheduling all the great buzz flicks to other writers, therefore not getting any first-hand accounts of the films. “The Nines,” “Son of Rambow,” “Hounddog,” “Teeth,” “Rocket Science”… not me. I have seen some great docs over the passed two days, however, in “White Light, Black Rain” and “No End in Sight.” I guess I’m winning in the reality category, though I wouldn’t mind a nice comedy.

Finally saw Gore the last two days, both instances for less than 10 minutes, but it at least proves that he is indeed out here. For a while there I believed he was “fake Sundancing” from an artificial snow-covered studio backlot back in LA.

Weak-a*s celebrity sightings for those who like them: saw Leonard Maltin after “No End in Sight.” He smiles as much in person as he does on TV. Saw Jake Busey numerous times at the Yarrow. At one point he took out the stanchions set up to corral the journalists for the press screenings, just took out a whole row of them… but he did pick them up quickly and without a big stink. And though I did not witness this, I believe it took place as Winona Ryder bummed a cigarette from Scott Weinberg, who also met Paul Rudd and admitted to his man-crush of the master thespian. And tomorrow I should be interviewing Crispin Glover, though Gore already did so for G4. I will discuss my momentary sickness when we talk for sure.

We’ve got three real days left of screenings, and I think we’re going to hit our goal of reviewing every film playing the festival as the schedule seems to be cooperating, which makes me extremely happy. Sure I haven’t gotten out to get you more celebrity interviews, but I’m going to try.

Oh, and the “Hounddog” press screening just emptied and the buzz on everyone’s lips is: Dud. Big, bad pile of dud.

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  1. Ellen M. says:

    Nice to know Gore isn’t “fake Sundancing” on an L.A. backlot!

    As for “Hounddog”… I heard it’s worth it just to see that annoying little twit, Dakota Fanning, in a rape scene…

  2. Gigi says:

    Ah yeah, this is what Im talking about. Great details! Insignificant to some; oxygen for others.

    Mark, Im kissing your hand now!

  3. Mark Bell says:

    When you bum a cigarette, do you care about the brand, or is it a crapshoot?

  4. Phil Hall says:

    What brand of cigarette does Winona Ryder prefer?

  5. Pete says:

    Yes, interview the s**t out of Crispin.

    Don’t forget to wear a helmet.

  6. Michael Ferraro says:

    Yes, interview the s**t out of Crispin.

  7. DonLewis says:

    Paramount vantage got Rambow…read the front page dude!

    I heard HOUNDDOG was great….you know as well as I do how different screenings= different audience reactions at Sundance. I remember seeing HAPPY TEXAS there and just thinking it was the greatest thing ever. Weird how general audience response in a Sundance screening can make or break a buzz.

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