The Smurfs were cult fanatics with Communist tendancies, and now they’re drug addicts…everyone knows about Smurfberries and all of those mushrooms. And the Transformers? Without an Intel chip, those guys perished in the technological boom and were reformed into soda machines and adult, um, toys.
The folks at The Threshold have uncovered the secret whereabouts of a handful of your favorite cartoon pals, from Superman to Joe Camel (well, maybe he became your pal when you were a little older) and the truth is, most of our one-time Saturday morning heroes have hit the skids hard. Find out the facts for yourself at [ the Threshold/”Where Are the Toons Now?” site. ] But be warned, kids: lots of “adult content” is in store. And once you’ve seen the footage, vote for who should get the “Where Are the Toons Now?” treatment next.

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