By Michael Ferraro | May 7, 2005

“When the Perfect Comes” begins with a shot straight from Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest.” A high crane shot, showing a simple dirt road surrounded by miles of nothingness. A few more subtle shots throughout this short piece also illustrates that the director has seen a good number of films and knows how to pay homage to them.

An unnamed traveler (Randy Molnar) abandons his broken-down truck in the middle of nowhere and starts to head off for an unknown destination through picturesque fields and nature scenes.

The title describes the point of this short perfectly. The only real problem here is that, for the message this film this trying to get across, it doesn’t last long enough. The resolution comes too fast and it isn’t as cathartic as it should be, due to the fact that, while you understand the character and what he is going through, it isn’t exemplified enough.

On the plus side, “When the Perfect Comes” has many successfully executed and beautifully full long shots. Ultimately, this is a somber piece of cinema that, while it does have some shortcomings, it sure is marvelous to look at.

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