Contrary to what some people may assume, I do not enjoy writing bad reviews.  I am not a nasty person, so clearly I don’t take pleasure in being mean to people who seek out Film Threat’s opinion on their work.  In fact, my negative reviews are usually much, much shorter than reviews where I am praising a film.  I have been on the receiving end of bad reviews myself: as a would-be playwright whose sole tiptoe into the world of musical theater was greeted with hostile press notices, as a would-be novelist whose attempts at writing fiction received impolite rejections from publishers and agents alike, and in my daily endeavors of just being Phil Hall (yes, there are people who have problems with Phil Hall for being Phil Hall).  My advice to people who receive a bad review (even from me) is this: ignore it.  No person can achieve 100% approval.  Even Mother Teresa had her detractors.  If you are happy with yourself and your work, that is all the praise you need.  If people have a problem with you — it is their problem, not your problem!

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