By Chris Gore | May 4, 2000

Whazzup is tearing up the web with more and more parodies. Many of you have already checked out the “SuperFriends Whazzup” but this new one goes one better lampooning Janet Reno and that situation with that Cuban kid. The parody uses teh Whazzup soundtrack matched to the now famous, invasive AP photos. It has even caught the eye of AP who has threatened legal action against the creator. The site is below and the original letter from the AP is here for your enjoyment as well. Enjoy!
Paste this into your browser and prepare to laugh your a*s off! ^ [ http://users.dhp.com/~sloppy/elian/ ]
I’m David Tomlin with AP. ^ We’ve already written the Geocities copyright agent about your unauthorized defacing and display of AP pictures on your site there. ^ I’m writing now about the display at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php3?id=266
You are exposing yourself to liability for copyright infringement that can include both fines and possible criminal penalties. We’ll go for whatever it takes to get our material out of your hands. Please acknowledge immediately that you understand and are taking down the display of AP pictures at the address above.
David Tomlin ^ AP 50 Rockefeller Plaza ^ New York 10020 ^ (212) 621-1796 ^ dtomlin@ap.org

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