By Mark Bell | February 13, 2014

Like many a father-to-be, Greg (Matt Unger) is concerned about his wife’s pregnancy. In Greg’s case, he’s particularly concerned that wife Maggie (Sarah Sirota) may be putting on a bit too much weight. Not because he’d like a skinny pregnant wife, or because he doesn’t love his wife, but because she’s disturbingly large.

Ultimately a one-note affair that doesn’t acquit itself quite as cleverly as one would hope, Aaron Rudelson’s What To Expect… is funny, if also low-brow. Luckily it knows not to press its luck and overstay its welcome; less than four minutes is just about right for this tale, though it probably could have gotten to and through the joke even faster if it set its editorial mind to it.

Still, it works as is, and the mileage you get out of the joke will vary with the audience watching. Again, there’s a laugh in here. I personally wouldn’t have minded if the film went even more out there and absurd with its premise and execution, but it does what it came to do, so it deserves credit there.

Technically the film is sound all around, and the filmmakers obviously know what they’re doing. Whether this film elevates beyond the one-joke affairs often seen in sketch shows or in viral videos online is debatable. I think it has its moments, but will mostly be forgotten shortly after being seen.

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