No envelope.  Another montage. Ok, applause for the dead people! Place your bets on who will receive the loudest applause!

Brief notice for Vincent Schiavelli.  Nothing for Joel Hirschhorn, composer of The Towering Inferno.

Chris Penn got some, of course. British men like John Mills don’t get much.

Onna White died. The choreographer of the filmic “1776.” Wow, I didn’t know that.

Shelley Winters, of course.  Anne Bancroft, definitely.

Ismail Merchant.  Thank you for “The Remains of the Day”, Sir.

John Box, production designer for “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Doctor Zhivago” and “A Passage to India”, among others didn’t even get one hand.  It’s not always Lean, you know!

Robert Wise, Richard Pryor.  So they made the montages long, yet they couldn’t do this one up right?

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