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By Daniel Bernardi | July 1, 2005

Welcome to the wild world of pop-artist Dennis Ropar. Art critics disagree with him but he makes more money than most of them. Ropar is creating fun art for the common folk which people can enjoy in a re-creation of the Andy Warhol styles from the sixties. Not bad for a Croatian guy from a farm in Kinglake.

This self-made documentary is the ultimate exercise in pure egotism and I guess this fact captures Ropar’s personality in a nut shell. I don’t think it is all that bad to make a documentary about yourself, especially if you spend years and years waiting endlessly for someone to take an interest in doing one on you. Why bother, just make it yourself and hope people care! The film is not so much about his art as it is about his extreme methods of self-promotion – from spray painting his logo on bulls, from utilising old highway billboards to spraying graffiti around Melbourne streets. He wants you to know him and to never ever forget him!

Visually the film is like being on a wild acid trip, in a combination of psychedelic montages and flashy editing which really make this a hip piece. I won’t forget to mention the raw humour in the film, particularly the scenes with Dennis’ best friend and Dennis himself during the closing credits where he talks of his aspiration to paint a piece using his own man-goo! He even went to the trouble of working out how much he would need and how long it would take to get it – he’s admits he is a chronic masturbator so it should be done in no time at all!

A great documentary that is not real thought provoking but fun just the same. I recommend this for anyone, particularly if you are not an admirer of art because his pieces are just fun loving art that captures beautiful things that don’t necessarily have a any deep meaning.

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