Thank you to all who entered. The contest is over now and we’ve had mass emails to go through, providing us with plenty of interesting reads. No hard feelings if you didn’t win. It doesn’t mean that you suck – it just means that the five people that did win are bigger dummies than you are. Hope that can be of some comfort to you.
Here are the winners –
Adam Hackbarth ^ I am currently now unemployed and depend solely upon income I collect from independent film work. Now, if that isn’t disillusioned, then I don’t know what is. I need severe movie marketing help if I am to survive this poor decision. Oh yes… Chris Gore is uber-jive! Film Threat is the Menudo of the independent film world!
Stephen Lackey ^ Who would have thought that a legally blind guy could make a film, including planning, camera work, and editing? Well that’s exactly what happened with “Fans and Freaks: The Culture of Comics and Conventions”. This award winning documentary is about the fantastic world of horror, science fiction, anime, fantasy, furry, and gaming fandom. The film features interviews with Karen Black, Dick Warlock, and Jerry Only. It’s very difficult to get people in the industry to take a lighthearted documentary seriously. To get help from a genre fan like Chris Gore would be like finding Spider-man number 1 in grandmas attic!
Chris Folkens ^ Over 60 students at a University with no film school get together, defy the odds, and create a 40 minute short film, “TRIAD”, about the hauntings on the U of I campus. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Acclaimed as a “first rate science fiction thriller” by Chris Clark, Managing and Artistic Director of Cinema St. Louis, “TRIAD” has made a huge impact. However, with few resources, and lacking a budget, our marketing has stalled. Our website and posters are all that remains (www.triadthemovie.com). Please consider assisting this group of students, as we define independent film on our ignorant campus!
Bron Barry ^ Please read my humble pitch. I beg of you, please unlock the door to marketing my films. I have created 3 short films, the likes of which, the world has never seen. I have no clue how to sell them! Before I go crazy like Damon Packard and start pressing thousands of DVDs I want to get some good advice. Film Threat is the best!
J Smith ^ I would like marketing help for my film, “HELLCAGE,” “Where the living fight…the living dead.
It’s an action-horror-martial arts-suspense-comedy-musical. With great stunts by some of the biggest names in indie pro wrestling. The musical score is by Exotic Adrian Street and it includes some of his chart toppers (they really did top the charts in England) “Sweet Transvestite With A Broken Nose,” and “I’m In Love With Me.”
It also includes some great CGI and everybody wanted to see a zombie get bodyslammed.

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  1. Adam says:

    I don’t remember what I won. However, I’d done a ton since then. Thanks, Film Threat!

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