By Felix Vasquez Jr. | April 16, 2008

Honest to god, this isn’t an attempt at a plug of any kind, but “Attack of the Show!” is one of my new favorite guilty pleasures. If you were watching last night, then they signed off with one of the funniest (impromptu?) stunts on the set I’ve seen since I started watching. I was in literal tears, and rewatched it twice.

If you didn’t see “Attack of the Show!” then notice Kevin trying to play off his pain, and doing it well:


Munn looks shocked. And who can blame her?

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  1. Matt Leon says:

    Munn indeed is a beautiful girl, plus shes funny and just as quick-witted as any other person on the show. Gore is great on DVDuesday too, its really cool how they have guest host everynow and again, whenever Alex Albrecht is on i always try to watch.(Diggnation FTW!)

  2. Well, Guilty pleasure is a bit of a stretch, Leon, I’ll agree. I don’t know what it is, but all I know is my uncle begged me to watch it last week and I’ve been watching ever since. These two are hysterical, and Munn is a goddess.

  3. Dude, that sucks. I never saw it, sadly.

  4. Mark Bell says:

    That was a show. Gore even hosted it. “The New Movie Show,” R.I.P.

  5. Dave Lawler says:

    G4, right. I’ve seen Gore on the show a couple of times debating about movies; that’s what the show should be – get rid of all that geek stuff and just do a show talking movies. S**t, why can’t we do that. Have a sort of Politically Incorrect informal discussion panel, but have it be about movies – there’s a show, that’s a show!

  6. Mark Bell says:

    No, “Attack of the Show” is on G4, which used to be TechTV (I think). “AOTS” used to be “The Screen Savers.” Either way, Gore is on all the time (and I’ve been on from time to time), so I’ll admit to being a biased fan 😉

  7. Dave Lawler says:

    A little too geeky for my taste, but that is SpikeTV, isn’t it? They’re very much into the new technology and the video games. Christ! I dont play the video games no more – They hit the “high point” for me with Goldeneye on the 64! I like the Star Wars anniversary special, though.

  8. Matt Leon says:

    dude!! i love AOTS i dont really consider it a guilty pleasure but its great, i usually dont watch it on tv but i watch most of the podcasts

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