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By Dean Edward | March 30, 2003

Cheerfully cheesy comedy from Philly centering on a girl who becomes a lesbian when the moon is full after being kissed by one at a local bazaar.
Lesli (Lanier), an attractive legal aid, has moved into a new apartment. The welcome wagon is a moron named Jerry (Veltri) who invites her to the bazaar. Once there, Lesli has her fortune read by an old crone. She warns Lesli that she is in danger. A hulking d**e with a bad hairdo grabs her outside the tent and kisses her, which turns Jerry on. The old crone freaks out.
Alone in her apartment, Lesli watches the news. A full moon is forecast. She falls asleep, and while she sleeps, her hair shortens and turns red, a logger shirt affixes itself to her, and her shoes become comfortable. Transformed, the were-grrrl sets out on the prowl, hitting the local gay bar (where Rochon plays a deadpan bartender who has seen and done it all) and dragging home willing victims.
The best thing about this film is that it’s only twenty-eight minutes long. The script is fine, and would play even better if the entire thing was recast and reshot. Some of the lines had the potential to be really funny. Trouble is, the sound is so bad that you can’t hear the jokes. The actors all seem to be mumbling and gargling at the same time. Director Best should have focused her energies on one area and one area alone. She has spread herself too thin here, and the results are nothing special. A missed opportunity, to be sure.

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