By Film Threat Staff | December 30, 2000

On April 9th, 1999, an idea was not-so-immaculately conceived: Millennium Hell. The satirical webzine from the hot area beneath the Earth has but a simple mission:
Has this been a great millennium or what? Correction; a great two millenniums. As the Year 2000 approaches, some predict a time of peace and harmony. Others feel the end of the world is near. We see it in a very, very different light. To us, it is a time to poke fun at the accomplishments of the last 2,000 years and all the hype surrounding Millenniumania. (Can I say that or is that trademarked?…oops…it is; sorry.)
Check out the site for millennial prophecy from way back in the early days of 2000, news, postcards, and a hilarious section dedictated to crappy marketing ties to “the new millennium” — Uncle Ben’s rice is officially “The Food of the New Millennium,” in case you didn’t know. Woo hoo. Remember the hype that never was over at [ Millennium Hell. ]

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