By Michael Ferraro | May 26, 2005

Being an Orlando resident for the past who knows how many years, I find myself constantly looking for ways to escape it. Whatever chance comes along, I am usually pretty open to making a new venture somewhere. So I heard about the Jacksonville Film Festival and I immediately decided that this would be my chance to escape, especially the weekend the last Star Wars film was being released. Plus, I have never been to Jacksonville. I love visiting new towns.

The festival was a four-day affair, showing all kinds of films. From documentaries, to shorts, to features, and even a segment dedicated to Hispanic filmmaking, it was all there. More than 60 films between 7 different venues would be showcased around this fine city. The selection was divine; yet, I only managed to see 15 films. 25% isn’t bad though, especially considering they were some especially fine films. Murderball, The Almost Guys, “My Big Fat Independent Movie,” “The Works,” “Missionary Positions,” and “Kill Your Idols” were just a few of the films scheduled to play here.

The festival begins in part two of WELCOME TO JACKSONVILLE>>>

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