By Film Threat Staff | April 10, 2001

Tom Streiff’s The Wedding Cow racks up its 13th award at ZoieFest, but strangely, the film has still not found a distributor. The bizarre indie comedy has found audiences everywhere loving it. You don’t collect that many awards for a crappy movie! Director Streiff is still miffed at the lack of interest from distributors. “I’m excited nevertheless,” says Streiff. “Slowly but surely I start to believe that people from all walks of life are truly enjoying my film. A broad spectrum of people from Midwestern Students to Texan Oil-Slicks, from Russian Roulette Players to Long Island Families, from Austrian Mountain Goats to Californian Wine drinkers, from American & Korean Internetistas to Southern Bells, from Malibu Millionaires to Rocky Mountain Mountaineers, they all have declared The Wedding Cow their favorite film at one festival or another. If only a strong distribution company would listen to what the cows are mooing from the pastures. Maybe the 13th will bring distribution luck?”
We hope so Tom. Film Threat’s Merle Bertrand said in his review, “Nominate The Wedding Cow for next year’s Academy Awards. The category: Best German Romantic Comedy Starring A Bovine.” Hey distributors, wake up and see this flick!

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