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By Doug Brunell | March 23, 2005

Clark Banner (Jim Freeman) thinks he’s an ordinary guy. Sure he’s got muscles and an odd name, but he believes he’s merely a man raised by parents who found him in a crater made by a meteor. When one of his co-workers (Eamon Behrens) points out that he’s a superhero — a theory strengthened by the tights the guy wears under his suit — Banner transforms into WD … White Devil. As to be expected by his name, White Devil is a bit of a racist.

“WD” is a hilarious short film, and I’d expect no less from the Dirty Creeps. The humor is spot-on, and it proves that these guys are comedic geniuses who will be breaking out big-time any day now. They are that talented, and this film is a great showcase of their skills. If they aren’t household names in a few years, I’ll give up my Gary Coleman porn collection. I have that much faith in them.

Get your hands on this short film. Do it now and show your friends you’ve got your finger on the future of comedy. Or sit back and wait to “discover” them with the rest of the nation when some studio comes to its senses and gives these guys a huge budget and total creative freedom. Either way, you’re in for a comedic treat.

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