By Scott Knopf | March 5, 2009

Carrie, a desperate show mother (played by Winona Ryder) puts all of her hopes and dreams of success on her daughter Lily, an aspiring actress. Things are looking good for the duo when Lily (Jasmine Jessica Anthony) gets a call back for a feature film. Even though the aspirations of fame are her mothers and not her own, the young girl shows her own determination and drive when it’s needed. Conflict arises when Carrie’s boyfriend calls and asks her to come home. Without any consideration for her daughter, Carrie starts packing. Lily is forced to make a decision: abandon potential success for her pill-popping mom or strike out on her own and fend for herself.

Some of you might know the director, Blake Sennett, by another name. His birth name is Blake Swendson. His usual stage name is Blake Soper. His band’s name is Rilo Kiley. And his character’s name on “Salute Your Shorts” was Pinsky. (Author’s note: That’s how I know him!) Despite changing names more frequently than Elton John does costumes, Blake has written and directed an impressive short film.

“Water Pills” is a strong film with a solid beginning, middle, and end. All of the major performances are note-worthy, especially the one from the film’s youngest star. While sharing the weight of the film with some talented co-stars, Anthony (or JJA as I’m sure the teen mags will start calling her) really nails her role. Her character is strong, nearly untouchable, and deals with her mom’s craziness by working harder, letting the snide comments slide right by her. Overall, everyone involved with the film pulled their own weight and it shows

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