By Admin | October 26, 2004

Never has an election inspired so many filmmakers to grab a camera and voice their anger and never have audiences been so receptive to political documentaries. Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” became the first documentary ever to hit number one at the box office its opening weekend. That says it all right there.
This year has seen numerous thought provoking films get released and the folks at Films To See Before You Vote want everyone to see as many of them as possible before stepping to the polls on Tuesday, November 2nd.
The Films To See Before You Vote website features a list of recent and classic films relevant to this year’s election and serves as a place to help organize your own Films To See Before You Vote screeings.
So check it out and maybe you’ll catch something you would have otherwise missed.
For more info, visit the Films To See Before You Vote website.

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